We Bill Patient’s Insurance

We will check the patient’s benefits and submit this information to the therapist within 24 hours.

Lowest Self-Pay Prices

For therapists using Comfort Care Medical exclusively, we offer low self-pay prices.


We can work out payment plans for patients with unmet high deductibles, co-insurance fees, and denied claims. We can also arrange payment plans for non-covered self-pay purchases.

Prompt Delivery

We handle all aspects of getting the garment or equipment to the patient or your office, no matter where you are located. We can also request expedited service from the manufacturer.

Clinical Guidance

The National division was built on a solid foundation of product expertise, consistency and compassion. The therapist that we work with across the country are loyal and entrust us 100% to offer guidance in product selection and patient care. Understanding all aspects of treatment and patient conditions involving lymphedema set us apart from the rest.

No Fault Alterations

Regardless of the reason, we have a no fault alteration policy. Since we are the largest supplier of lymphedema and compression garments in the country, our vendors are often willing to work with us to make alterations at no additional cost.